How To Face Adversity, and Grow Stronger

Lan is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation and recognised a gap in the industry in terms of a support network for founders facing adversities and challenges of a startup business, read more as she explains what brought her to wanting to help solve this important issue.

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Lan Nguyen
MIND-Made Success - Shaun Gold

All people possess the power within them to be successful, because success is not genetic. Success is not luck. Success is not man-made. Instead, Success is MIND-Made.

Forget the Youtube ads that promise riches. Forget the Instagram accounts that offer you instant income from home. Forget the teacher you had in high school that said the deeds of great people determine history. Success comes down to YOU. Success comes down to choice.

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Gary Vaynerchuck - Success Repeated

Gary Vaynerchuk is a polarising guy, some find him to be the best combination of motivation and business insider, while others find him shouty and a bit much. Love or hate him he does have a knack for predicting future trends in technology, demonstrated in his ability to repeat his success of Wine Library with Vayner Media. Something interesting that he preaches is self-awareness and how important is for success. So let’s dig into why this is so critical.

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Revisionist History THE BIG MAN CAN’T SHOOT

This week it’s all about the Revisionist History podcast presented by Malcolm Gladwell. If you’ve never heard of Malcolm he has a long history as a writer for the New Yorker and author, and has a knack of looking deep into what really is making things work. His most known book is ‘Outliers’ which deconstructs the myth of the self made man, if you don’t know that book you’ll probably have at least heard of the ‘10,000 hour to mastery’ principle, this is something that Malcolm coined.

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Don’t put things down, put them away

Are you a tornado of productivity leaving behind a trail of destruction?

Or, are you someone who cleans as they go with everything in it’s place?

These are two opposing forces likes cats and dogs there is a pro and a con to both approaches, and each will drive the other crazy.

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