Don’t put things down, put them away

How do you get things done?

Are you a tornado of productivity leaving behind a trail of destruction?

Or, are you someone who cleans as they go with everything in it’s place?

These are two opposing forces likes cats and dogs there is a pro and a con to both approaches, and each will drive the other crazy.

Unfortunately for some, I’m one of the tornado’s that will do first and pick up after myself later. Someone I convinced myself that batch cleaning is the best way forward, however, if that batch never comes then it can become a bit of a challenge.

Last week I came across this principle that has changed the way I do things - Put things away, don’t put them down, one of the guiding principles from the book - The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

No matter how messy you like to keep things, there is something to having a clean and opening workspace. Look to apple for inspiration here, what do their retail stores look and feel like? Simple, organised, ordered and ready to get working.

With all that in mind, the Wednesday mid-week challenge is a simple one...for the rest of the week simply put things away when they are in your hand, don’t ever put anything down. If you can do this, I challenge you not to see your house, room, apartment, office just start magically becoming a space ready for the next awesome thing.

Good Luck and let me know how you go in the comments!


Drew CorbyComment