Progress, what is it, and what should it be?

Ryan Holiday has had an interesting path, mentored by Robert Greene, the guy who literally wrote a book on Mastery, Ryan cut his teeth at American Apparel, a company that reinvented the humble T-Shirt, and has since gone to be a best selling author.

What Ryan has a knack of is finding something that is usually a meme, or a human truth, and digging into how to use and execute this problem for the greater good. His first book The Obstacle is the way had a profound impact on me as it hinged off a number of other great books I had read on the topic, such as the War of Art and the Mind Tools, but dug deeper and told the stories how to bring this truth to life.

On the surface level this quote appears to be pretty good, an obvious truth, hard to argue, and all in four words, perfect for an instagram post! When you dig below it though how do you actually make sense of all this, aren’t we all seeking perfection?

If I’m honest with myself, my answer is no… I struggle with that last 10% of perfecting things, and pushing myself to polish and refine an idea well past its initial excellence into a weapon of change.

The next question we should be asking ourselves beyond this quote is, what is progress? Is it simply moving forward, but towards what? This is where i find most people get stuck taking this seemingly obvious quote and turning into action.

So here we are, confused and stuck just four thoughts beyond a four word quote on an instagram post! How did this happen!

Let’s make this a post achieve exactly what the quote set out to achieve. Having a clear answer straight away to this internal question would be perfection, therefore, instead let’s make some progress.

No matter what you are seeking, facing adversity, working hard, putting yourself out there, will at the very least progress you towards self awareness. There is your measure of progress, did I learn, did I grow, did I evolve? If so, then you have progressed.

Good Luck out there

Drew CorbyAuthor, QuoteComment