Revisionist History THE BIG MAN CAN’T SHOOT

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This week it’s all about the Revisionist History podcast presented by Malcolm Gladwell. If you’ve never heard of Malcolm he has a long history as a writer for the New Yorker and author, and has a knack of looking deep into what really is making things work. His most known book is ‘Outliers’ which deconstructs the myth of the self made man, if you don’t know that book you’ll probably have at least heard of the ‘10,000 hour to mastery’ principle, this is something that Malcolm coined.

The Revisionist history takes a similar line, pulling apart world events and key moments in history after the fact. Looking past all the 24 hour news cycle information and drilling into what really happened once the dust has settled and the ego’s have been put back in check.

The Big Man Can’t Shoot is a really interesting look into why smart people do dumb things. The focus is on free throw shooting in the NBA, and why everyone shorts the traditional method, when shooting under arm yields far better results.

Something we can all take something from, because so many of the things we do we don’t question. This is where innovation and change comes from, looking at all those things that are just sitting there, unquestioned, ticking along and then one day someone says - ‘why do we do that?’

Fortunately or Unfortunately Drew talks a lot about being  been ‘that guy’ in many meetings sees that question as an opportunity to showcase exactly what type of culture your are working in. If your leader stands back and say, yeah great question, ‘I’m not sure, let’s look into it’, or has a really well considered and clear answer you’ve found a great patch of dirt to play in.

If you are told to stop questioning, or, this is just the way it’s always been done, or the worst! We tried that other way 10 years ago and didn’t work… Then it could be a good little early warning sign that as the world shifts, your team/company may not be shifting with it.

Let us know what thoughts this episode prompts for you!

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