MIND-Made Success - Shaun Gold

By Guest Blogger - Shaun Gold

All people possess the power within them to be successful, because success is not genetic. Success is not luck. Success is not man-made. Instead, Success is MIND-Made.

Forget the Youtube ads that promise riches. Forget the Instagram accounts that offer you instant income from home. Forget the teacher you had in high school that said the deeds of great people determine history. Success comes down to YOU. Success comes down to choice.

Do I choose to live a life of choice or a life of chance?

The timid need not apply. Timidity is dangerous, for the cautious will never be able to put the butterflies in their stomach to ease, nor make their legs feel like more than wet noodles. Boldness may be dangerous, but it will always yield results. Timidity on the other hand will bring only oblivion, a fate worse than failure for a person hell-bent on being successful.

Still, what is it that so undermines a preponderance of aspiring success chasers? Swaying them to abandon their ideas, core strengths, talents, and their belief in their dreams?

Just this: what if?

What if someone disapproves of my dreams and goals? What if the market rejects my idea, product or service? What if what I have or do won’t stun the civilized world? What if the timing is wrong? What if I’m wrong? What if I run out of money? What if I can’t raise the money? What if it’s the wrong choice? What if I’m too young? What if I’m too old? What if I fail? And on. And on. Yes…and on.

Budding entrepreneurs and success discoverers have been wrestling with such killingly hard what ifs since forever and the haunting litany what ifs have been wiping the floor with would-be entrepreneurs more often than not. This dread suffering of analysis paralysis is a common malady and even if you successfully overcome your doubts and fears it will be just the beginning of your cringing troubles. Because in the beginning, it is the successful person who takes responsibility for the ongoing decision making process of building a business, a life, and the never-ending, ever-shifting issues, dilemmas and struggles, the sweating and the straining of the small stuff that ensues. Being an entrepreneur is not a science—it is an art. The art of embodying determination, commitment, and bravado for the unhedged bet. It is the art of boldness.

Does it matter if the individual has such a soft underbelly when it comes to the unknown?  My particular view is that it matters more than anything. Success demands frequent forays into the dark wood of uncertainty, and while that requires the boldness to know your strengths, it is much more important to have the boldness to honestly recognize your weaknesses. And why do I think that’s so important?

Because for the passionate doer and would be dreamer, there is always a monster under the bed. They just choose to face the beast rather than pull the covers over their head and hope it goes away.

Meaning this: launching a successful idea is perilous, horridly fraught with inevitable panic, loneliness, risk, rejection, insecurity, anxiety, difficulty, and doubt. And in order to deal with the threat of these menacing demons, the entrepreneur doesn’t need to be superhuman, but they do need to be super smart. Wisdom, not capital, is the quintessential currency needed to overcome setbacks and champion an idea. Once again, success isn’t man-made, its mind-made. The success seeker must wake up every morning in the world with a bold commitment to continuous personal growth or their fate is pretty much sealed.

In other words, do smarts. Period.

Here is an exercise to start making your own success, get out a pad of paper or open a new document and reflect upon the below the below bold moments, and think about how you can answer each.

  • Be bold enough to admit your ignorance: What is something you have an opinion on that you can turn into fact?
  • Be bold enough to go learn: What Is something that you have never learn't about that you could start looking into?
  • Be bold enough to go after what you want: Write down something you have always wanted, and think about how you can start making it happen.
  • Be bold enough to withstand the obstacles and setbacks: Write down an obstacle or setback you will need to face this week, and have a strategy ready to overcome it.
  • Be bold enough to life a life of choice, not chance: Identify one thing you are leaving to chance, be it your finances, your health or your career, and write down how you can make a choice to secure the right outcome.
  • Be bold enough to be successful: What does success mean for you? Define one thing you think would make you successful and set a deadline for when you want to achieve it by.

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