How To Become Obsolete In 24 Months


There are two certainties in life, stand still and you’ll get left behind, and the second you stop being aware of your surroundings something will surprise you.

The challenge we all face is world's ability to adapt and adopt new and exciting things is accelerating,  and many marketings and business owners are making the decisions whether to run faster, or just stop running altogether. There is one dominant trend that should act as a north star in this rapidly changing world of media and communications, and that’s authenticity.

The best way to ensure that you become obsolete is to stop investing in connecting with your customers in a true and authentic way. The world's biggest brands have worked this out, and they unashamedly stand by who they are, and no longer try and appeal to a mass audience. The best way to think about this freedom, no longer is it about PR, spin and damage control, instead, the more you present your true self, the more people see you as human and want to connect with you.

The scary thing most business owners and marketing people face at this point is, they need to ask the tough questions behind what is our brand colour pallet and generic voice. They have to take some risks on get some ‘internet hate’ as they start appealing to a core audience of people who champion them at every corner, rather than playing in the safe space of indifference.

One of the best examples of this is Blackberry, king of the mobile world and despite having the best device and the best position they ignored the market and become obsolete. Of course, if you are running a business this is nothing new, and I’m sure you’ve had many sleepless nights thinking about what could be just around the corner.

Drew Corby