Podcasting is now your smart friend

“I don’t have time to read” – how often do you hear people say that these days. The truth is we can always find time for the things that matter most to us.

Technology has given us even less reason for excuses, with MOOCs (massive open online courses), audiobooks and podcasts giving us great and efficient ways to gain knowledge and get smarter.

One thing I love about listening to podcasts is it gives me the opportunity to learn more, when my time was previously not being used efficiently. I can now pair exercise, community and relaxing with personal growth, learning and broadening my perspective.

Each podcast I discover and episode I choose to listen to from that podcast gives me a chance to learn about a new set of concepts, way of living, perspective or worldview that I didn’t previous know about.

Think of these experiences as exciting documentaries piped directly into your eardrum and flowing through to growing your intelligence. Some of the podcasts that I think about when I podcast are:

  • NPR Planet Money and Hidden Brain
  • Malcolm Gladwell – Revisionist History
  • Tyler Cowan - Conversations with Tyler
  • The Unmistakable Creative with Srini Rao
  • Jonathan Fields – The Goodlife Project

As a podcaster, creating Humans of Purpose has allowed me to have deep and meaningful conversations about some of the big questions in life with leaders across multiple industries. In turn, this has enriched my understanding of the world and my area of work.

It has also allowed me to create a community of people who share an interest in purpose-driven leadership, living and community. 

Mike Davis