The Power of the Commuter

When we think traditional marketing, one of the first places we go is demographics, we traditional hook into age, location, occupation etc…

What we are seeing more and more is tribal marketing, something Seth Godin has spoken widely about. What makes this concept powerful is that it’s linked to human behaviour, we have relied on tribes to survive for thousands of years, something that is programmed deep into our DNA. Applying this to why podcasting is picking up more and more adoption is what we are classifying the ‘Commuter Tribe’, those of us who spend considerable time each day getting to work.

This is the tribe that we best engage with as podcast producers, as these are people who are physically stuck in a situation that they are not looking forward to, either crammed into a train, bus or tram or in traffic, but are unable to lock into content that requires them to really pay attention, such as a movie, or a book. If you layer on top of this, that commuters are going to work, therefore, they are actively looking to improve, change, be inspired each day, Podcasting is a medium that is almost purpose built for them.

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How to connect with them is important like any communication, and if you look at the successful podcasts story is king. Whether it is giving you a fly on the wall insight into an interesting industry, or getting lost in a human story, the podcasts that draw this out doing really well. This should come as no surprise though, as when we are commuting, we aren’t always ready to taken on a heavy topic, or go deep with a book, a great balance of insight and entertainment is where the best shows find their place.



Drew Corby