Jonathan Shaw - Folk Singer to Steiner Teacher


Episode six is a Pathways episode all about Jonathan Shaw, a Steiner teacher, something that he has come to relatively late in life.

Jonathan’s story is very unique, starting with completing a teaching degree, followed by 15 years working as a folk musician in Europe and Australia, before marrying his love of music with his love of education together with Steiner.

Initial Discussion:

·      What is Steiner Education, and how is it different to regular schooling?

·      What type of student does Steiner turn out into the world?

Pivotal Moment One: How did Jonathan choose Steiner Education?

·      How did his family and loved ones influence his decision-making processes?

·      What did he do for the 15 years between finishing his degree and becoming a teacher?

·      What was the impact of a dream?

Pivotal Moment Two: What was the track of musician for Jonathan?

·      How did he choose to be a musician for 15 years?

·      What influence did he have on his life?

·      How has music influenced his life and approach to work?

·      How has his time as a front man transitioned into the classroom?

Pivotal Moment Three: The transition into teaching.

·      Which people did he look to make the decision?

·      How did he feel supported to make the trip into teaching?

·      How does community play into the right fit for teaching?

Pivotal Moment Three: Training as a mature age student.

·      What was the experience like?

·      What were his regrets from the time?

·      How did he become more social and extroverted?

Pivotal Moment Four: The first year of teaching.

·      The surprise of how children respond to teaching.

·      How does he maintain a connection with his class?

·      What was the technical focus?

·      What was his plan to get the most from his energy resources?

·      How does he get feedback on his performance?

·      How does he manage feedback from his class?

Pivotal Moment Five: Reflecting on the elements.

·      How does being a musician aid being a teacher?

·      What has surprised him about his first year compared to his expectations?

·      What does the link to purpose link to performance?

·      What is next for Jonathan?

Jonathan’s 10 Minute Challenge:

·      Find a safe edge to look out from.

·      Reflect for 10 minutes about that moment.


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