Jack The Bear - Mastering What Matters


Owner and founder of Jack the Bear’s Deluxe Mastering, Tony’s been lucky enough to have travelled extensively around the world, meeting and learning from some of the best in the business, and was trained in the art of vinyl mastering by Rick Essig at Frankford Wayne Mastering Labs, NYC. This was the same studio that that produced the likes of Tom Coyne and Herb Powers.

Tony was everything we hope for on Pathways, a mix of life, aspiration and truth that we can all relate to.

Initial Discussion: What is Mastering?

·      What role does in play in the recording process?

·      How does it differ from being in a recording studio?

Pivotal Moment 1: Discovering Mastering

·      Learning from Rick Essig.

·      The secret to being able to do a great job.

·      The role of relationship.

·      Who’s in the band?

Pivotal Moment 2: Learning how to Master Music

·      Choosing the craft of mastering.

·      Moving from DJing into production.

·      Defining success as a young person.

Pivotal Moment 3: Mastering as a profession.

·      Seeing the emergency of Digidesign and Protools

·      Creating relationships with mutual value.

·      Following passion while paying the bills.

Pivotal Moment 4: From the coffee table to the studio

·      Moving the operation into Sing Sing Studio’s

·      Accepting what the move brought and lost in terms of cliental.

·      Being reliable and delivering on all deadlines.

Pivotal Moment 5 : Creating Jack The Bear Mastering Studio

·      What really changed?

·      Becoming the owner of all and how this felt.

·      Looking for ways to give back and create community.

Pivotal Moment 6: Keeping on top of a changing industry

·      The role of digital music downloads and the impacts on the industry.

·      Being true and authentic to the craft of mastering.

Pivotal Moment 7: Giving back and legacy

·      The impact of Peter Sage on the new direction.

·      Influencing and coaching the youth through passion and art.

·      Helping people find their true and authentic selves.


10min Activity: Looking for aspiration from your community.

·      Think about 10 people that you really look up to

·      Think about 5 of the qualities that you really respect of them

·      Think about a time in your life when you displayed that            quality.