Ash Bloom - Balancing the Mix


Ash Bloom has worn many hats as a jack of soft skills. He's been a coach, a copywriter and festival promoter to name a few. He has chosen a non-traditional work life, which is one reason that this interview contains lateral conversational lines.

Ash provides perspective on his meta-reasoning around core decisions made in each career chapter, with an overall theme of trying to maximise learning and authentic expression at all junctures.

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Pivotal Moment One: University and Early Business

·      University experiences and further Finance study.

·      Learning admin and customer service in early jobs and a family business.

·      Numbers and Market Psychology: Poker and Trading Forex.

·      The choice to move away from trading...

Pivotal Moment Two: Reflection, straddling Corporate & the accidental Startup

·      Screwing up scale (hiring) and stepping away from the family business.

·      Letting go of all work and study - exploring nature and the mind-body.

·      Investigated moving into Corporate - security vs. flexibility.

·      Worked at ATAR Notes (startup) - later integrating countless lessons.

·      Worked in communications for crazy-cool American businessmen.

·      Left Melbourne for the US on a whim...

Pivotal Moment Three: USA tech land, Fitzroy GSD and the freelance economy.

·      Solo Travel: Explored exercise culture and California's tech scene.

·      The impact of the Fitzroy GSD. Started a few little things.

·      Started coaching people, spawned from helping many friends for free.

·      Became an Uber driver, largely to learn more about the human story.

·      Gradually discovering where I fit into the areas I care about working in.

·      Moving to Tel Aviv in March 2016...

Pivotal Moment Four: The Dive

·      Looking for technical marketing and product skills; biotech opportunities.

·      Mixing study, work, adventure, training and business.

·      Still focusing on the human story, and seeing where life goes.

What does Ash recommend you do if you want to walk a similar path?

·      Be painstakingly honest with yourself and others.

·      Build a more accurate map of reality through rich, diverse experiences.

·      Question your beliefs and try to think from first principles.

·      Hold the perspective that it's possible to be wrong about everything you believe at all times.

Ash’s 10 Minute Activities:

1.     Ask your smartest friends to challenge something you hold a very strong belief in, being sure to entertain their perspective, experiences and research.

2.     Ask your smartest friends: what's the most recent belief you've questioned and improved/updated? What made you do so?

3.     Go find someone who is experienced around psychedelic substances, and ask them plenty of questions to investigate the potential risks and benefits for yourself.