Calantha Chan - Finding self to help others


Cal is a life coach who started studying commerce/law before helping her family set up a Nitro Gelato ice cream shop. After a period of reflection and discovery she has now found her passion and focus to help others and coach for success.

Cal has been asking many of the questions of herself that we all grapple with, and this is a great episode that anyone can listen, reflect and learn from.

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Pivotal Moment 1: Studying Commerce/Law

·      The pressure of family and the focus on creating a wealthy career.

·      What to do with an excellent high school score?

·      The shift to tertiary education, and selecting a course.

·      The mooting effect.

Pivotal Moment 2: Nitrogen Gelato

·      The family business getting off the ground.

·      Applying theory into business practice.

·      The challenge of balancing business with family.

·      Big business vs small business, pro’s, con’s & opportunities.

·      Coaching and investing in employees.

Pivotal Moment 3: Going back to corporates

·      The decision to go back.

·      The need for community.

·      Looking for more from a big corporation.

Pivotal Moment 4: Discovering life coaching.

·      Facing up to ‘what is the meaning of life’ with a friend.

·      The beginning of the rabbit hole with Brendan Burchard.

·      Traveling to San Francisco twice to chase the dream.

·      The impact of going deep into the information rabbit hole.

·      The impact of ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’

Pivotal Moment 5: Taking the big leap into a new industry with purpose

·      Resigning from Coles.

·      Telling the parents.

·      Saying yes and working out ‘how’ along the way.

Pivotal Moment 6: 2016 and a new focus.

·      Leading by example and anyone can go from 0 to hero.

·      Going life coach official on Facebook.

·      Choosing new friendship groups.

·      Going pro and getting paid to coach.

Cal’s Advice:

·      Everything you do is perfect in the journey of life, and you can learn from everything.

Cal’s 10 min Activity:

·      Buy a journal and set aside 1 hour a week where all you do is just dream and write down what your thoughts are.

·      Make it a ritual, same pen, same book every week.