Chris Appleford - Staying true to purpose


In today’s world, leaving a successful corporate career to travel the world may not seem that uncommon. Although, once we dig into Chris’s pivotal moments, we learn that these decisions have been made with responsibilities and uncertainty that many of us would accept as limiting.

There is something for everyone in this episode with moments we can all relate to and aspiration aplenty.

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Pivotal Moment 1: Asking some big questions about work and life.

·      Exiting a career in sports media.

·      Seeing a redundancy as an opportunity to embrace.

·      Learning the money vs. satisfaction lesson           

Pivotal Moment 2: Starting fresh

·      Looking for a business to start without any ideas on what to do.

·      Why hot chocolate?

·      Bootstrapping the business and using transferable skills.

·      Learning SEO and digital all at the same time.     

Pivotal Moment 3: Following the travel bug

·      Investigating the idea of moving to New York

·      Remembering the lessons of past career changes.

·      Deciding to travel and find a way to fund the adventure.

·      Writing, traveling and creating

Pivotal Moment 4: Producing a Man Space

·      Accepting the opportunity to once again take on a challenge never experienced.

·      Drawing on all the transferable skills to make the show happen.

·      Learning from the experience.

Pivotal Moment 5: The Australian Open

·      Taking on yet another new challenge.

·      Physical space vs Digitalspace, and the challenges of project management.

Pivotal Moment 6: Making a difference

·      Finding a cause that matters to make change.

·      Founding www.

·      Drawing on all the skills accumulated to launch this new venture.

Chris’s Advice:

  • There is 'never-ever' a good time, we can always talk ourselves out of things.
  • There is always one very good reason to talk yourself into one - your emotional, physical & mental state.
  • Have a plan, make it happen, figure out what sort ofdirection you would want to go and go there. 

Chris’s 10 min Activity: Cost / Benefit Analysis

  • Get out a bit of paper with two columns - costs / benefits and write down everything that it will cost you.
  • Then jot down the benefits of that activity.
  • If the costs out way the benefits, then you need to quit that activity.