Dan Salmon - No Parachute Required


Dan is; a marketing officer at Infoxchange, a not-for-profit community organization that delivers technology for social justice, a co-editor of POST Magazine, and part of the host group for Byte Into IT a radio show on Community Broadcasting station RRR 102.7FM around the role of technology and how it integrates into our modern society. 

His interesting mix of passion and creative work has come from an aspiration story that we can all relate to.

Dan was very open during our interview, and we discussed many moments that we have all endured in our work lives; doing work that is largely unsatisfying, working out what is the right place to work, and making the big leap of faith. 

Pivotal Moment One: Architecture

·      Where did architecture come from?

·      What were the moments that said it wasn’t for Dan?

·      The small, but very impactful conversation that changed his focus.

Pivotal Moment Two: The lane change into communications

·      Choosing the new study focus.

·      Identifying what types of communications most interested Dan.

·      Combining his new love with his old flame.

Pivotal Moment Three: Funding Passion

·      Administration to pay the bills.

·      Pursuing a career as a broadcaster.

·      Balancing it with working at the magazine.

Pivotal Moment Four: The big fork in the road

·      Considering a more senior position where he was.

·      The final straw.

·      Quitting everything and making a big change.

Pivotal Moment Five: Info Exchange

·      The brain storming period.

·      The impact of having a great circle of support.

·      Applying for jobs online, but looking for the right fit.

·      Turning volunteering into paid work.

·      Balancing broadcasting with the new challenge of marketing.

Pivotal Moment Six: Reflecting on the move to where Dan is now.

·      Is the role the best mix of Communications, Technology and Philanthropy?

·      Turning theory into practice.

·      How important is culture fit?

·      How is Dan progressing his skills?

What does Dan recommend you do if you are faced with a similar challenge?

·      Just jump - forget the parachute - The only job you start at the top is when you are digging a hole.

Dan’s 10min activity

·      Sit down by yourself - go back through the last two / three weeks and write down all of the things that were driven by self.

·      Look at that list each and everyday and something will dawn on you. 

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