Dave Atkins - Founding with Strength


Dave Atkins is an accountant by day, and runs STRNGTH.clubon nights and weekends. This may seem like a simple combination of work and passion, however, he came to this mix by first pursuing a career in medicine.

Dave has been searching for the right mix of passion, purpose and income, a story we can all relate to. He covers some really important themes that everyone can find aspiration from.

To find out more about STRNGTH.club , you can visit their Facebook page or website.

Initial Discussion:

·      What does Dave do day-to-day.

·      What is Strength Club?

Pivotal Moment One: The choice to study commerce and transitioning into work

·      The choice to study a commerce degree.

·      Getting lucky and finding a grad program.

·      Weighing up, is this the right choice along the way?

Pivotal Moment Two: Going back to university to be a doctor.

·      The decision to leave commerce.

·      Why medicine?

·      Going back to university with more experience and a focused purpose.

·      Getting all the way to the final interview.

·      The fall out from not getting through to the dream.

Pivotal Moment Three: Founding STRNGTH.club 

·      Evaluation what made Dave happy, and what did he want from life.

·      Finding the right mix of passion and purpose.

·      Founding STRNGTH.club.

·      The new place that this mix has brought him.

·      The new outlook from that terrible moment.

What does Dave recommend you do if you are faced with a similar challenge?

·      Don’t panic, step back and think about:

o   What skills do I have?

o   Reflect on what can I do, and how well can I do it?

o   Enjoy the process of defeat as much as victory.

Dave’s 10 Minute Activity: Do 10 minutes of interval training, keep mindful and enjoy the challenge.

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