Dr Michael Devine - Organisation Culture


Dr Michael Devine is an expert in both Enterprise Risk Management and Organisational Cultural. Starting his journey in marketing focused on cultural and design he then branched out to enterprise risk management, contributing to the Airports of the Future project. From here he made the decision to move into financial services and insurance where is currently a senior advisor.

We were lucky enough to have Michael for about an hour and half, where he shared a little bit on his story and life learning’s to date, as well as an in-depth and practical discussion about organizational culture and design.

Show summary:

Questions answered about Michael:

· Why did Michael move away from being an academic?

· How does Michael manage the grind?

· Is the ability to persevere a learned, or inherent skill?

· Do you enjoy the struggle?

· What have you learnt from the track change?

Discussion on Organisational Culture

High-Level Summary:

· We need to get the right culture around here?

· How do we tackle that problem?

· What is the right culture for me?

· How do I find the right culture?

Podcast in questions answered:

· What do leaders say about culture?

· Discussion on the Definitions of Culture: A discussion of Edgar Schein’s Organisational Culture Model

· What are the tried and true techniques that organisations use to try and get this right?

· Who does it well, who does it poorly?

· What are the things I can look for as an employee?

· Command and Control design vs. Agile Design in an organisation

· As the employee what should you looking for at interview to understand culture?

· What should I be doing during probation?

· When should I stay, when should I leave?

· The value of understanding self?

· Experience vs. Capability, what is more valuable?

· Using the discussion to reflect on Michaels track change from academic to financial services.

· What do you do when your organisational cultural changes?

· What is the one thing you would give to everyone to help navigate culture?

· What does the future look like?

People and References Mentioned:

· Edgar Schein’s Organisational Culture Model

· Deal and Kennedy — have a strong and just culture

· Richard Branson — Hiring approach, purely cultural fit only

· Rochlin and La Porte: The Self-Designing High-Reliability Organization