Ivan Puggioni - Broadcasting Through Influence


Ivan Puggioni is a Voice Over artiest –  and Radio Presenter on Polyfonix 92.3 after work and on weekends, and a back office administrator during the day.

After months of volunteering and learning his skills as a presenter, is now monetising his passion with a true sense of purpose.

Ivan’s Advice:

·      Make Sacrifices.

·      Volunteer.

·      Take all feedback on board.

·      Network.

·      Do it for the love.

Ivan’s 10 Minute Activity: Answer the question’s

·      If I had all the money in the world, what would I be doing?

·      How would I make money from that activity?

Pivotal Moment One: The decision to go into broadcasting?


·      What were the triggers to make the decision?

·      What was the role of friends and family in the decision?

·      How did Ivan start testing out whether it would be a good fit?

Pivotal Moment Two: Going Pro.

·      How did Ivan learn how to become a presenter?

·      What was the training approach?

·      How did Ivan get feedback on his progress?

·      How did Ivan get his start as a presenter?

Pivotal Moment Three: What is the state of the industry, and what is Ivan’s position as someone starting?

·      What is the current FM radio landscape?

·      Building a show vs. being a presenter?

·      How is Ivan exposing himself to as many avenues as possible?

·      How did Ivan form this strategy?

·      How does he balance his 9-5-work life with his passion life?

Pivotal Moment Four: Starting a Voice Over Business.

·      How is Ivan using his passion to contribute financially?

·      How does he grow this side of his business?

·      How did he come to the decision to grow a small business to support his passion?

Pivotal Moment Five: The change in headspace that influenced everything.

·      The impact of volunteering first to get into the industry?

·      What was the impact of focusing on craft vs. creating income from broadcasting?

·      What was the feedback processes when Ivan was getting rejected from applying for positions?

·      How did the change in focus impact Ivan’s product and approach?

Pivotal Moment Six:  How has the change in focus impacted all areas of Ivan’s life?

·      The impact of having a strong and solid direction?

·      What is the energy and focus that has changed in Ivan’s life?

·      What was it like investing passion projects vs paid income projects?