Julie-Ann Longano - Intuitive Decisions


Julie-Anne Longano is the head of investment at a big media company in Melbourne Australia. She has been in Media purchasing for ten years, taking a number of opportunities for extended breaks to enhance self-awareness and gain the perspective.

What is interesting about Julie’s pathways is her decision making process was driven by intuition, listening to her gut and taking on large life change soon after. We explore the adventures she has taken and how these learnings have combined to drive her pathway and career choices.

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Pivotal Moment One – 9:04: The million dollar feedback opportunity

·      Pitching successfully and getting unexpected feedback.

·      Reflecting on where success comes from, and the importance of breaking everything down.

·      Learning how to accept feedback whenever it’s present – ‘How am I going to feel about this’.

·      How did the elevator moment translate into the future.

·      Connecting the dots to what makes things great, and what makes them good for you.

Pivotal Moment Two – 22:35:  Investing in self, and the impact it has on work.

·      Reaching mastery and looking for more.

·      Intuition influencing the decision to book a three-month yoga & travel sabbatical.

·      Sitting on the plane and reflecting on the trip to come.

·      Completing the period away without measures of success.

·      Discovering Astanga Yoga

·      A chance meeting with Ryan Gosling.

Pivotal Moment Three – 43:51: Going digital.

·      Returning home and networking.

·      Jumping in the deep-end of an emerging digital landscape and freelancing for 18 months.

·      Moving from mastery back to learning to become competent.

·      Drawing on transferable skills to see continued success.

Pivotal Moment Four – 58:45: A second sabbatical to Burning Man.

·      The foundations of Burning Man and the path to get there.

·      High expectations are exceeded

·      The welcome home moment.

·      The wide spread of activities throughout the week, from partner therapy to naked yoga.

·      Putting some Burning Man misconceptions to rest.

Pivotal Moment Five - 1:09:10: Transitioning from Burning Man to leadership.

·      The subconscious approach to connecting with people.

·      Solving problems while being present people.

·      Drawing on all the experiences to form a strong people leadership capability.

Content and People Discussed

·      Astanga Yoga– 37: 14

·      Ryan Gosling – 38:21

·      Burning Man – 58:45

·      Ken Robinson – The Element: How finding your passion changes everything.

Julie-Anne’s 10 Minute activity – 1:16:30: Embrace the Search

·      Take on the mindset of what can I do to build on who I am, rather than looking for a specific outcome.

·      For 10 minutes, look for an opportunity to do something you have never done before, simply just to do it.

·      Book it in, and make it a non-negotiable to attend.