Nick Pietsch - Performance Focussed


Nick Pietsch is a professional brass player and vocalist, studying jazz performance at university in Adelaide Australia, before making the move to Melbourne. He has taken what you could call a traditional role, as a musician, within an industry that has seen dramatic change over the past 10 years.

Nick has some taken an interesting approach to growing his roster to the point of being able to work full time as a performer, something that is getting more and more difficult to do. We discuss studying, making a move interstate, what’s important to growing your network and getting work and the difference to playing for thousands to six.

If you would like to book Nick email him at, and make sure you check out his current acts:

Pivotal Moment One: The choice to go Study Jazz Performance at University.

·       Making the decision from high school.

·       The role of his parents in the decision.

·       The headspace to enter into the course, ‘see how it goes…’

·       Choosing the genre of music to best support a career.

Pivotal Moment Two: Moving to Melbourne.

·       What drove the decision to move?

·       The support structure on arrival.

·       Structuring the business of music to survive in Melbourne.

·       The decision to perform.

Pivotal Moment Three: Getting known in the local industry.

·       The balance between art and pay.

·       Saying ‘Yes’ to everything.

·       The power of networking.

·       Turning up to everything you can.

·       Talent vs Preparation/Professionalism, which one gets more work?

Pivotal Moment Four: Growing the business for performance.

·       The choice to move away from part-time work to focus on music.

·       How to get through the lean times.

·       Teaching vs Playing.

·       Managing the hours and grind.

Pivotal Moment Five: The different shows as a musician

·       Playing to 1000s and small bars, what makes them memorable?

·       Is there a differing playing to big crowds vs small?

·       Do you audition for the bigger gigs?

·       What is the preparation and rehearsal difference?

Pivotal Moment Six: Accepting failing on stage

·       Making errors, and getting used to failing.

·       How to not let it impact the rest of the gig.

·       Vocals vs Brass playing.

·       Feeling ready to perform.

·       Playing vs performing

Pivotal Moment Seven: Flow state

·       Feeling sexy with the right vibe.

·       The audience connection.

·       Is playing live a form of mindfulness?

Pivotal Moment Seven: What is next for Nick?

·       Keep building the current approach.

·       Explore some new parts of the scene.

·       Potentially moving to more intestate/international work.

·       Touring his own projects.

·       Never stagnating.

Nicks Advice:

·       Work out you are willing to compromise on to balancewhat is going to support you and what you want to play.

·       Work out what the end goal is.

·       Do I want to do this seriously?

Nicks 10 minute activity:

·       Look at the working musicians, and think objectively about how they are making it work.

·       Look for some opportunities to go out and see music and meet people to get in the right circles.