Oli Du Rieu - Founding La Mule


Oli is someone who has found his passion and has a very strong dream to create an alternative to traditional methods of transport through the carpooling platform La Mule.

"The goal for La Mule is to become Australia's first network of transport linking every capital city and every major town on every day of the year through the sharing of everyday Australians personal transport, because life is better shared!"

Oli shared the hard work and passion it takes to be a self starter in the technology industry making a strong lane change from his initial start as an electrician.

If you would like to see more about La Mule please do - www.lamule.com.au

Initial Discussion:

·      What is La Mule?

·      How does it differ from Uber?

Pivotal Moment One: Where did the idea come from?

·      Solving your own problems.

·      The power of google.

·      Balancing the daily work of being an electrician with working on this idea.

·      The prospective of travel, and how it important it is.

·      Self-education, and the path to mastery.

Pivotal Moment Two: Living the double life.

·      Handling the overlap.

·      Self-funding the first launch period.

·      The opportunity to pitch on Shark Tank.

·      The post show networks and how they impacted the approach.

·      The different between then and now.

Pivotal Moment Three: Going Pro

·      The trip and networks that got Oli to Brisbane and River City Labs.

·      Relocating to Melbourne and YBF.

·      Managing La Mule from all locations at all hours.

·      The motivation to keep going?

·      Pitching for money and the first real investment in.

·      The role of leadership and the transition of managing people.

·      The important of mentors and support.


·      Remember who you are, remember what you truly enjoy – write it down.

  • What am I passionate about? What do I care about day-in / day-out .

·      Throw yourself off the cliff (as soon as you commit to it.) 

  • Tell your mum & your dad – just do it. What’s the worst that can happen? 

10-Minute Activity:

Look back on the last 30 days – write down the three things that you felt good about doing that haven’t been driven by money or what people expect you to be doing.