Peter Lynagh - Finding the spark inside


Pete is a Life, Truth & People Promoter, day to day he helps people to find their own truth by taking them where they want to be. Peter describes his approach as holding up a mirror for what is really going on in people's lives.

Pete has arrived at his vocation through an inspirational story of understanding self through the mentorship, coaching and support of others. His story is unique, but one that we can all relate to.

We have often reflected in past Pathways editions that separating work from life is difficult at best. In this podcast we explore how the two spin together and intrinsically come from the same place.

All the details you need to find out more about Pete, or get in contact are below:

Pivotal Moment One: Loosing a close friend

·      Trying to graduate high school.

·      Finding work with a friend.

·      Dealing with the loss of suicide.

·      The slippery slope of drugs and dealing with depression.

·      Choosing to take on an electrical trade.

Pivotal Moment Two: New Beginnings

·      The end of an important relationship, and the move to Australia.

·      Seeking help from counseling.

·      Travel and learning – the new addiction.

Pivotal Moment Three: Breaking free from being a tradesman

·      The seminar that changed everything.

·      Commencing a diploma in life coaching.

·      Balancing work and study at the same time.

·      Understanding the relationship with validation.

·      Reaching out for help again, in as many places as possible.

·      Bridging the career move through coaching and mentoring apprentices.

·      The limitations of working in government.           

Pivotal Moment Four: Expanding focus and taking on a big bet.

·      Founding DJ

·      Finding validation with women instead of drugs.

·      The $2000 bet to abstain for a year.

·      The impact of this bet going viral and the media pressure what became Pete's Chasity for Charity - NYE 2012 - NYE 2013

Pivotal Moment Five: Conquering what had been impacting everything.

·      Putting his life on hold to focus on Pete, and loving himself.

·      Finding a mentor.

·      Finding meditation.

·      Discovering the importance of serving others, as apposed to finding validation.

Pivotal Moment Six: On the other side.

·      The influx of ideas focused on serving others and making a difference.

·      The new type ideas and understanding self/spirituality that follows in the modern world.

·      The impact of meeting new people, and the new Pete.

Pete’s Advice:

·      Read the book - Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway: How to Turn Your Fear and Indecision into Confidence and Action- Susan Jeffers.

·      Talk to anyone that can reflect back to you what you are sending out, preferably someone who is trusted. 

Pete’s 10min Activity:

·      Buy Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.

·      Make a list of people that you can reach out to in your network that will allow you open up about how you are feeling.

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