Rod Janover - True Identity


Rod Janover is the founder of, a service providing accommodation for travellers, young professionals who are looking for a place to stay for around 6 months. Rod has arrived at this place after studying and searching for an occupation that aligned to his identity and excited him every day.

Pivotal Moment 1: Studying Commerce/Law

  • Studying Commerce/Law when you don’t know what else to do.
  • Questioning the topic of study throughout.
  • A lack of connection with the subject matter.

Pivotal Moment 2: Working for Siemens as a graduate

  • Choosing a grad program with lots of rotations over two years.
  • The opportunity to break free with the tools and systems of today.
  • The restriction of new technology in a big enterprise.
  • The role of a structured mentor program during the graduate rotation.

Pivotal Moment 3: The decision to leave

  • Searching for self vs. the sunk cost of being invested in.
  • The realisation that everyone and everything is replaceable.
  • The lack of value in the long-term and opportunity cost.
  • Accepting the reality to taking a step back to go forward.
  • Seeking advice and support from family.

Pivotal Moment 4: Looking for the next step

  • Ruling out corporate work.
  • Taking an interest in start-ups and attending some meet-up groups.
  • A period of investigation, reading and reflection.
  • Looking at small business ideas.
  • Attending Fitzroy GSD 
  • The role of community and mentorship in learning and growing in GSD vs Siemens.

Pivotal Moment 5: Using these new skills to move forward

  •  Learning and applying the systems learnt.
  • Processes driven vs problem solving and creation focused.
  • Urban stay rising again as the main project.
  •  Accepting the risk and exposure of start-ups.
  • The dad to son chat that focused things.

Pivotal Moment 6:

  • Going pro with urbanstay.
  • Creating a vision for the future of the business.
  • Raising the bar of quality, and putting the business on the map.
  • Connecting work with identity.
  • The role of leadership, business and founding.

Rod’s Advice: The role of uncertainty

  • Life is uncertain, and we mask this with rights of passage and systems we place around ourselves.
  • Exploring is worth the effort, and there is usually only a small risk in doing so.

Rod’s 10 min Activity: Past, Present and future:

Brief: We think that the order of things is past present and future, however, the reality is we visualise our future before moving into it.


  • Visualise and document in detail a future that excites you, this could be 1 week, 1 month 1 year, 10 years into the future.
  • It may not be exactly what you want, however, it will spark the ideas and thoughts that will help you begin your journey.