Ryan Evans - Living In The Deep End


Ryan is a Senior Business Development Manager for a recruitment business, he has lived a varied work life starting in his early years looking for ways to enjoy snowboarding with a passive income through to being involved in a number of start up businesses.

Ryan moved to Melbourne as a way to challenge himself, and this is the theme of this episode, looking for ways to find growth through challenge.

Pivotal Moment One: Growing up and seeing possibility

·       Seeing his parents invest to gather more income.

·       Working in a ski resort, and wanting to do this more.

·       Going to university to do finance.

Pivotal Moment Two: Finding other options and taking risks

·       Trying photography, graphic design, website building.

·       Making money from Ad-words, about how to sell things online.

·       Buying a website about how to learn to break dance.

Pivotal Moment Three: Starting a contracting franchise at university

·       Having to cold sell door to door in the middle of winter.

·       Project managing a job he has never done before.

·       Running your own business and studying at the same time.

Pivotal Moment Four: Setting up a new branch in Canada

·       Doing something new again with a new challenge.

·       Having to do it in Canada while still studying.

·       Learning from the wins and many looses.

·       Learning about self, and looking for the next thing.

Pivotal Moment Five: Taking time off in Vancouver to reflect

·       Three weeks off, to reflect and review.

·       Accepting a consulting job to support a start-up.

·       Looking for other opportunities in real estate.

Pivotal Moment Six: Deciding to travel and move to Melbourne

·       The decision to get sponsored full time work.

·       Finding a business that needed to grow in recruitment.

·       Surrounding yourself with people that are better than you.

·       Finding friends that share the same vision.

·       Ensuring that balance is important to life.

·       The power of education and finding a reason to do things.

Ryan’s 10 minute activity:

·       Take an inventory that you are afraid of and what do you want to accomplish.

·       Take an inventory of the people that you’re listening to.