Adam Mawson - Superstar Producer


Adam Mawson is a Workforce Capacity Manager, ensuring that there are enough people for the work on demand, a profession he has come to after a long period of burning the candle at all ends, pursuing a career as a music producer. Adam is a hardworking young Australian looking for meaningful work that aligns to what is trying to achieve in life.

Pivotal Moment One: Where did the music start?

·       Finding music during High School.

·       Enjoying the analytics of music production and the art of a DJ.

·       The influence of supportive parents.

·       The freedom to be creative without permission.

Pivotal Moment Two: Becoming a DJ

·       From the bedroom, to the club.

·       The early days being one of the few DJs.

·       The first paid gig experience.

·       Producing music as well as DJ’ing.

Pivotal Moment Three: Paying the bills 9-5

·       Cold calling selling printer cartridges.

·       Learning sales and the influence on being a DJ.

·       Focusing on being the next James Zabiela, while trying to keep some balance.

·       Battling the grind of the dream.

Pivotal Moment Four: Finding the ‘redline’ and no longer being rewarded.

·       Discovering the limitations of youth and experience.

·       Back and forth between career and creative passion.

·       Committing 100% to one path.

·       Getting denied six times from a leadership role.

·       The opposing challenge of the two pathways

Pivotal Moment Five: Committing to leadership as a career

·       The decision to make music a hobby

·       The influence of mentors, and aligning skills and passion.

·       The realisation that talent and passion don’t always equal viable results.

·       Investing in peers and corporate work, and being rewarded for doing so.

Pivotal Moment Six: Leaving a ten year career for a new opportunity.

·       Knowing it was the right time leave.

·       Believing in self to take the next step.

·       Finding a new level of alignment.

·       A new type of challenge.

Adam’s Advice:

·       Align and enjoy the role that you have now.

·       Use this energy for tomorrow.

·       Prepare to do the work.

Adam’s 10 Minute Activity:

·       Reflect on self and make sure you include the positives.

·       Write down a balanced list of things you want to celebrate, and things you want to focus on.