Amy Haywood - Teaching for tomorrow


Amy Haywood is an English teacher and educator of grades 11 and 12, and the interesting thing is that Amy never thought of teaching as occupation up until she was at university. She found teaching via Teach for Australia, an organisation that exposes leaders and teaches to the power of making change through education.

Pivotal Moment One: The chance opportunity to work for Teach for Australia

·       Applying to work for Teach for Australia as a campus ambassador.

·       The influence of a boss.

·       Equity and Equality.

·       The influence of the book Pinstriped Prison

Pivotal Moment Two: Deciding to enter the two year Teach for Australia program

·       Facing the fear of being a terrible teacher.

·       The intensity of a two year fully immersive program.

·       The power and support of mentors throughout the program.

·       Learning the role and influence of teaching.

Pivotal Moment Three: Reflecting on four years of teaching

·       Understanding teaching, and the love of teaching English.

·       Becoming mindful and enjoying the process of teaching.

·       The impact and influence of English.

·       Making teaching your own.

Pivotal Moment Four: Creating a culture within the classroom

·       Having challenging conversations with young people.

·       Building meaning into the work.

·       Creating a learning environment that is community minded, not results focused.

Amy’s Advice for University students: You have plenty of time and flexibility, go and volunteer your time and explore

Amy’s 10 minutes activity:

·       Look at the university degree you are doing.

·       Look for opportunities to volunteer and get involved in the industry now, rather than at the end of the degree.