Antony Gaddie - Profitable Change


Antony Gaddie is the founder and CEO of Green Ant Marketing, a company with the purpose of “…helping their clients to grow their profits and their lifestyles, and facilitate profit as a force-for-good on Planet Earth.”.

Antony moved to Australia after it made a big impact on him at the age of 17, and since moving has worked in sales, marketing and business development roles in some of Australia’s biggest corporations. His pivotal moments represent someone with a true entrepreneurial spirit coupled with the values and drive to make the world and Australia a better place.

Pivotal Moment One: Visiting Australia at 17

·       Knowing within 10 minutes that Australia was going to be home.

·       Being exposed to an open and progressive culture.

·       Hitting home with the impact of apartheid and how the cultures were different.

Pivotal Moment Two: The push to move into marketing

·       Starting with commerce and phycology.

·       The appeal of marketing.

·       Understanding the role of business in helping the community.

·       The impact of one conversation of what Antony would do at 40.

·       The power of mentor in changing the relationship of business.

Pivotal Moment Three: Founding Green Ant Marketing

·       Seeing a restructure as an opportunity.

·       Getting retrenched, and starting two businesses.

·       The grind of the first 3 – 4 years.

·       Learning the art of hiring the right people the hard way.

·       Culture fit vs technical capability

Pivotal Moment Four: The challenges of growth, decline and sustainability

·       Understanding the limits of a consulting business and of his limited time.

·       Finding businesses opportunities that are more scalability.

·       Looking for opportunities and creating the space to take advantage of what’s on offer.

·       Spending time on the things that make life good, not just achieving results.

Antony’s  10 minutes activity:

·       Watch Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk: 

·       Book in 20 – 30 mins of quiet time and ask yourself ‘why’ you are in the job you are in until you get to the true root cause of what is driving you.