Ben Huckins - Piloting In All Weather


Ben Huckins is the Creative Director of Masters of Smithing, a new creative venture that is currently in its second year. Ben took this leap after a long corporate in marketing and communications where he became a technical master in his field, but always wanted more.

After a year of reflection, he decided to bet on himself, and start his own venture changing his work habits life all at the same time.

Pivotal Moment One: The jump from Corporate

·       Reaching the limits of opportunity and progression.

·       The impact of the grind, and the lack of balance.

·       A year of reflection on where passion was coming from.

·       The final straw that provided the extra motivation.

Pivotal Moment Two: 12 weeks of pure creativity

·       Attending  Shillington College

·       The gateway into mixing life, passion and work.

·       The reward and stress of running your own creative agency.

·       Gaining a better understanding of self.

Pivotal Moment Three: The impacts of breaking free

·       Mindfulness, health and change.

·       Being back in control of life, and the freedom this brings.

·       Discovering true alignment, and authenticity.

·       Reflecting on the fear and failures in the first few months.

·       Personal wins vs. company wins

Pivotal Moment Four: Running a business vs. being a technical expert

·       The role of mentors.

·       Learning from everything and everyone.

·       Building a new network, for a new challenge.

·       The planning processes and aligning a network.

·       Co-working as a sole trader.

Pivotal Moment Five: Choosing creativity

·       Childhood creativity.

·       The influence and impact of creativity.

·       Choosing marketing, communication and sales.

·       Internal drivers to define a creative pathway.

Pivotal Moment Six: The new type of work and life.

·       Building a healthy life and being present.

·       Self discovery and self awareness.

·       Authenticity and business.

·       Creating the space to build in a new life outlook.

·       The adventure of every day working with authentic people.

Ben’s Advice:

·       Listen to yourself and reflect through meditation and mindfulness.

·       Start working through the processes of opening yourself up.

·       Keeping moving forward, don’t accept being stagnant.

Ben’s 10 minute exercise:

·       Find something that you want to educate yourself on.

·       Define time each week to investigate this area of interest.

·       Find people who have the same interest engage with a network.