Chris Appleford - Goodbye Drinking


Chris Appleford is back for a special SME edition of Pathways, to talk all about  A website he founded, devoted to help everyone change the culture of binge drinking in Australia.

Chris has also written a book on making and breaking habits that everyone can download and read for free and a great tool to help you do a cost benefit analysis on drinking in your life.

Where did come from?

·      After returning from a year of travel, looking to start something for himself.

·      Initially smoking was the focus, however, decided to focus on drinking because everyone knows it was bad.

·      Chris wanted to share a personal story, and binge drinking was something that Chris had experienced.

Why is it a problem worth solving?

·      The impact on our healthcare system is well documented.

·      We have a culture of binge drinking, rather than drinking socially.

Where are people most likely thinking twice?

·      Late 20’s and mid 30’s traditionally where we start to think twice about it.

·      The value of doing a cost benefit analysis.

The relationship between drinking and networking and your career:

·      The role of drinking during networking, doing deals and forming relationships.

·      The role of drinking in all social events.

Strategies to break free: Chris has written a book to help on this, click here to sign up to his mailing list and get it for free!

·      Habits and how they can help and hinder.

·      Breaking habits, and understanding that it’s going to be hard.

·      Find a deep ‘why’ as to why you want to make a change.

How to maintain the choice facing the Australian drinking culture:

·      Working hard to break the habit through conscious decision-making.

·      For Chris, this was the morning after his son was born.

·      How to handle the every day situations of two types of people you tend to run into:

o   The person who wants to find out more.

o   The person who gets defensive.

·      You can be confident without the alcohol, and not drinking will allow you to get comfortable in your own skin.

·      Accountability, and its influence on forming the right habits.

·      Planning to fail and planning to get back on the horse once you do.

The Benefits:

·      300 more days back to your lifetime.

·      Productivity, and output and engaging in life.

·      Life momentum, and creating better work.

Chris’s 10 Minute activity – do the Good Bye Drinking cost benefit analysis and start making positive change.