Jeff Shearer - The Practice Of Ethics


Jeff Shearer is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner with 22 year’s experience, and after watching many of his peers struggle with the balance of running a successful business and providing care to their patients, Jeff was inspired to create Ethical Practice – an information-based business designed to assist anyone in healthcare develop a practice with integrity.

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Pivotal Moment One: Observing and experiencing the challenge of going from student to practitioner.

·      Seeing the problem with graduates failing to continue as practitioners.

·      Understanding the relationship of business and delivering treatment.

·      Finding the ceiling in his own practice.

Pivotal Moment Two: Expanding his existing practice.

·      Bringing one person in, and creating a self-imposed disaster.

·      Discovering the need to document clear processes and procedures.

·      Spending eight months building a staff training program, answering both the what and the why.

·      The value of coaching new practitioners during on boarding.

Pivotal Moment Three: Turning the training program into a business.

·      Deconstructing his business and discovering the real value of service.

·      Bringing together mastery in delivering treatment and the value of business.

·      Educating the public and serving the message of Chinese medicine.


Pivotal Moment Four: The challenges of new practitioners

·      Challenging the paradigm of selling your soul to stay in business.

·      Telling the story of success rather than fear, and challenging the industry norm.

·      Sticking to your guns while you’re not profitable.

·      Telling today’s story eight years ago.

Pivotal Moment Five: Taking the practice and new business on the road.

·      Facing the fear of packing up everything and leaving a base that took 10 years to build.

·      Pressing the eject button and starting a new chapter.

·      Battling the heat in Darwin working in jobs that weren’t Chinese Medicine.

Pivotal Moment Six: Starting a new practice with a new rule book

·      Putting the preach into practice and setting up in Newcastle with zero clients and zero network.

·      The power of networking vs cold calling.     

·      Keeping the workaholic tendencies at bay.

·      Finding a good balance is part of doing the work, not something to do later.

Pivotal Moment Seven: The power of balance and humility.

·      Looking for balance is the only way to be sustainable.

·      Keeping the bigger picture of you, and your long term plan always present.

·      Reaching out to experts, be it therapists, friends, peers.

·      Being 100% ok with seeking help, and knowing that you can’t do it alone.

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Jeff’s 10 Minute activity: Meditation for those who can’t

·      The act trying to meditate is as powerful as achieving deep ‘zen’ states.

·      Find your method, be it an app, a breath or a candle.

·      Use it as a reset, and do it regularly, daily if possible.