Josh Carrell - Speaking Freely


Josh Carell is Co-Founder of Littlefoot & Company, a community driven business aimed at connecting new artists with opportunities to grow their skills. Josh was once a shy guy in his mid-twenties, looking for something that would drive him, something that he can really get engaged with.

This episodes reflects on the last six – ten months, which has seen Josh make massive change in his life, with some key pivotal moments that we can all relate to and gain aspiration from.

Pivotal Moment One: Turning Littlefoot & Company into a thing

·      Starting with small events.

·      Hosting spoken word nights, and watching it grow.

·      Building a tribe around facing the fear of social rejection.

·      Watching and feeling the confidence post Littlefoot & Company events.

Pivotal Moment Two: 2016 and the Year of Boldness

·      Tattoo’s for commitment

·      The impact of Steve Jobs and a Ted talk – Insert link

·      The clarity found from a bruised heart.

·      Creating opportunities for important discussions that matter through Littlefoot & Company

Pivotal Moment Three: Organising an Outdoor Cinema Night

·      Networking to make things happen.

·      Finding a venue with the right mix of vibe and facility.

·      Battling bad weather, and persevering.

·      The confidence found from doing hard things.

Pivotal Moment Four: Turning Littlefoot & Company into a real thing

·      Partnering with other businesses.

·      Watching the attendance grow and the energy created.

·      Years of work to get to the first step.

Pivotal Moment Five: Fueling the Fire

·      Starting with therapeutic thoughts, and turning them into art.

·      Performing, and revealing deep thoughts to a room full of friends.

·      Fighting resistance and facing the fear.

·      Practicing and preaching and leading by example.

·      Finding work that connects to self and values.

·      The rush of leveling up and facing bigger fears.

Pivotal Moment Six: The Book Guys

·      The role of mentors and peer accountability.

·      Converting those 50/50 moments.

·      Goal setting and making things real.

·      Finding joy in the small stuff.

·      The power of tribe and accountability.

Pivotal Moment Seven: Launching Ellaswood

·      Forming an act with your brother.

·      Performing as an artist.

·      Taking things to the next level.

·      Reflecting on rapid prototyping

·      What’s coming up for Josh and Ellaswood in the next 12 months.

Content and People Discussed

·      Steve Jobs broadcast through Ted

·      Pantree Co & Leigh Sherman

·      Hoodlums spoken word events

·      Ellaswood – Musical Spoken word & Free Styling

·      Littlefoot & Company

Josh’s 10 Minute activity:

·      Get a pen, get a piece of paper and create three columns; Small, Medium & Large.

·      List out goals in each category.