Leigh Sherman - Iterating Success

Leigh Sherman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Pantree.co, an exciting Melbourne startup changing the way hospitality suppliers engage with their customers. Leigh started out as a high performing athlete before taking his dedication and focus to founding a startup after observing friends working hard with poor tools. 

Leigh’s dedication, work ethic, and ability to be present with everyone along the way are something we can all learn from.

Pivotal Moment One: Performing as a professional athlete

·      Taking natural athletic ability, and focusing it on individual sports.

·      Becoming swimming captain, and outworking everyone.

·      Going pro while still at high school.

Pivotal Moment Two: Becoming a Leader through Influence

·      The influence of a coach to commence becoming a leader.

·      Taking on a coach and strength training role.

·      Discovering the relationship between technical expert, and mastery.

·      The role of hard work, hustle, and never giving up.

Pivotal Moment Three: Walking away from Sports and transitioning to business.

·      Getting out when Triathlon’s became cool.

·      The impact of the early days of Facebook.

·      Experiencing the fragility of business relationships.

·      Seeing an opportunity to make an online business.

·      The power and influence of mentors, both physical and from affair.

Pivotal Moment Four: Founding Pantree.co

·      The moment it became something, rather than an idea.

·      Learning about distribution, and its power to grow and spread ideas.

·      Applying the learning’s from Telstra Digital to turbo charge a hackathon.

·      Testing until the model was discovered.

·      100+ hours a week because you can’t stop working on your idea.

Leighs 10 Minute activity: Try to be positive for one full day, starting with 10 minutes at a time.