Sheree Rubinstein - Backing Female Entrepreneurship


Sheree is the CEO of One Roof Women, a co-working space dedicated to female entrepreneurs. She founded this passion for female quality, leaving a successful career in Corporate Law three years ago. This episode explores the chances Sheree took over the last three years to find a new way of thinking and approach to work. Her story includes; creating networking events, pop up co-working spaces and exploring her passion for creating equality for women in the workforce at Fitted For Work.

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Pivotal Moment One: Starting in corporate law

·       Becoming a perfectionist.

·       Where did law come from?

·       Delivering as a student.

·       Investigating gender equality.

Pivotal Moment Two: Investigating the start-up life

·       Running networking events.

·       Working for fitted for work.

·       Coaching women in the workforce.

·       Taking the plunge and exiting law.

·       300 coffees later.

·       The power of mentors and community.

Pivotal Moment Three: The initial stages of One Roof Women

·       From Think Big, to co-working.

·       The business partnership that started the journey of One Roof.

·       Investigating the future of events and co-working.

·       Bouncing back from failure and the grind of start-ups.

Pivotal Moment Four: Opening the doors of One Roof Women

·       The launch event that brought everything together.

·       Making things better from 1.0.

·       Grants for further funding.

·       Partnering to execute an accelerator program for early stage female entrepreneurs.

·       Trips to Israel and South Africa.

Sheree’s Advice:

·       Speak to people with the experience that you are seeking.

·       Don’t hold on to your fear/idea, get it out there.

Sheree’s 10 Minute Activity:

·       Find a co-working space and walk in to experience the environment.