Tamsien West - Ravenclaw for life


Tamsien as the Corporate Sustainability & Membership Lead at The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a non for profit that ensures we are producing products and services that are coming from sustainable forest practices. In addition to this Tamsien has a fast growing bookstagram profile – Babbling Books, combining her love of books with her knowledge of social media and marketing.

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·       The Forest Stewardship Council

Pivotal Moment One: High School Careers Day

·       Investigating journalism.

·       Some advice that has stayed true for ten years.

·       Choosing creative writing and international studies.

·       How communications fits into the wider focus.

Pivotal Moment Two: International Studies

·       Applying a generalist degree to the real world.

·       Advice from a friend that started to clarify where to start.

·       Aligning roles with values.

·       Finding work via networks.

Pivotal Moment Three: Staring a professional career

·       Starting in admin, but finding more.

·       Linking social enterprise with marketing.

·       Not saying no, and taking an opportunity based on linkages to values.

Pivotal Moment Four: Working at the FSC

·       Another job via networks.

·       Starting at 10 hours a week and expanding quickly.

·       Starting out in trademarks

·       Finding a great fit and balance in a smaller organisation with great alignment.

Pivotal Moment Five: Babbling Books

·       Turning passion into project.

·       Learning about a new side to books, and the people who love them.

·       Building connection and community.

·       Setting goals for the first time.

·       Making networks with real connections, not transactions.

·       The power of books their impact in current day.

Tamsien’s Advice:

·       Know your own values.

·       Use self reflection help you to make the right decision and look to your values to help give yourself perspective.

Tamsien’s 10 Minute Activity: Do the Pottermore Sorting Technique, it will help you understand self and it could be a conversation starter.