Chris Patchell - Flying High


Chris is a Vendor Management Advisor for a big Australian corporation, managing multi-million dollar contracts. While following this corporate career, Chris has always had an entrepreneurial interest, starting many businesses ranging from window cleaning to men’s underwear. From this love of business he has founded, custom building multi-rotor and FPV drones.

Chris is an everyday Australian overcoming all the things we all face, a great story for us all to reflect on how we have solved similar problems.

Pivotal Moment 1: Traveling and finding procurement

·      Snowboarding for four years, and deciding to temp in London.

·      Solving the career vs. passion challenge.

·      The allure of procurement and its window into business management.

Pivotal Moment 2:  Returning home and getting serious

·      Re-establishing himself in Australia and living at home again.

·      Investigating the recruitment industry.

·      Learning, but looking for a better fit.

Pivotal Moment 3: The entrepreneurial side of life

·      Creativity through business start-ups.

·      Using the corporate experience to help managing small businesses.

·      Window washing and the reality of business.

·      Setting up the skill set to find the passion business.

·      Learning through curiosity.

·      Staying hungry when you’re comfortable.

Pivotal Moment 4:  Defining success

·      Growing up through travel, and redefining what success is.

·      Taking stock of desires vs. lifestyle.

·      Investing in self and seeking excellence.

·      Learning that most people will not go deep into self discovery.

·      Cross-functional skills and growth.

Pivotal Moment 5: Founding

·      From flying planes to flying drones.

·      Turning a hobby into a business.

·      Applying the learning’s from the past.

·      Fighting the fear of failure.

Pivotal Moment 6: The role of mentors.

·      The Dad influence.

·      Corporate leaders and their influence.

·      Over achievers as role models.

·      Learning what and what not to do.

·      The need for a business coach.

·      The value of having a network you can call on.

·      The challenge and reward of a sole trader.

·      The hard thing about hard things.

Chris’s Advice:

·      Never underestimate the power of your network.

·      Don’t be focused on the thing you are looking for, look for experiences to enhance your life.

Chris’s 10 min Activity:

·      Find an activity that you are curious about.

·      Book in a time to and explore it for an hour.