Miles Burke - By Design


Miles Burke has many accomplishments:

Best of all, he has a practical best practice approach to life and business we can all learn from. If you want to view some more of Miles make sure you check out his TEDx Talk.

Pivotal Moment One: Freelancing, doing and contributing to the industry.

·       Moving in and out of the industry.

·       The learning of the 50/50 principle of work vs business administration.

·       Writing a book on the important side of Freelancing.

·      The difference between learning and success?

Pivotal Moment Two: Resigning as a director

·       Returning from leave and resigning without a lot or thought preparation.

·       The confidence to make a bold step.

·       The subconscious thoughts upon reflection.

·       Managing the initial transition with the power of networks.

Pivotal Moment Three: Seeding Bam Creative.

·       Creating a vision statement and values for the future.

·       Unknowingly starting with best practice business building.

·       Saying yes to everything initially, but staying to true to the values.

·       The power of networking for growth during the start-up phase.

Pivotal Moment Four: Going Pro with Bam Creative

·       The change in brief from the original stay at home dad ideals.

·       Employing a small team quickly.

·       Becoming a ‘Suit’ by accident.

Pivotal Moment Five: Best practice before best practice.

·       Sharing equity with the team.

·       Engaging the team beyond the day to day.

·       Letting go of the business reins to handover to the team.

·       The impact of the initial values based reviews.

Pivotal Moment Six: Building

·       A start-up sprint to remember, before start-up sprints were a thing.

·       Taking 6Q from sprint to market.

·       The desire and draw backs of anonymity.

·       The 6Q impact on BAM creative.

Miles’s 10 minutes activity: Creating a place you want to work

·       Visualise where you want to be in 3 – 5 years.

·       Define success, in emotive terms, not necessarily tangible and finical terms.