Tim 'Milky' Clarke -


Tim (Milky) Clarke is a Proofreader at an advertising agency, prior this role he was in publishing, working for a music label in licensing and freelancing.

Milky is a great example of enjoying the work you do now and take advantage of opportunities as they come up, rather than pushing towards a flag on the hill. His measured and balanced approach to life is one we call take away from.

Pivotal Moment 1: Studying Geography at Oxford

·      The pace of study in a historic city.

·      Living on campus in a city that is a college.

·      The what and why of Geography.

·      The choice to move away from Oxford and stay on the academia path.

Pivotal Moment 2: Choosing publishing

·      Making the move into publishing after studying Geography.

·      The impact of essay writing.

·      The freedom of family support to follow passion.

·      The life style boxes being satisfied.

·      The fast rise to role of Publisher in a small company.

Pivotal Moment 3: Moving to Australia.

·      Coming for a honeymoon and deciding to stay.

·      Finding work in a local publishing house.

·      Looking for a different role.

·      Moving to Freelancing.

Pivotal Moment 4: Freelancing & Record Labeling

·      Working for a record label with a friend.

·      Balancing freelancing and editing.

·      Battling the music industry during the rise of the Internet.

·      Balancing life with many roles and priorities.

Pivotal Moment 5: Simplifying income streams back to advertising.

·      Deciding that music doesn’t have to provide employment to be fulfilling.

·      Making a lifestyle change to support a young family.

·      Enjoying the role of Proofreading, with no plans to move to copywriting.

Milky’s Advice:

·      Don’t be afraid to sit back and trust your own instincts.

Milky’s 10 min Activity:

·      Take a look at your resume and review what you have enjoyed the most.

·      Think about what the next thing you would like to add to what you have been able to accomplish.