Clare Desire - Leading with Gratitude


We were so lucky to sit down wiht Clare Desira, the Chef Positivity Officer at the Top Five Movement. Clare takes us through her chance opportunity to attend a leadership extension program, starting the Top 5 Movement and connecting her purpose with her work.

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Clares 10 Minute Activity Advice: Ten Minute Activity: Writing a top 5 at the end of the day. Five tiny positive memories that happened on that day. 

More about Clare:

Clare Desira has been called a ‘positivity guru’. Her story is special: in her early twenties, Clare stumbled upon the idea of writing down her ‘top five moments’ of each day. While many of us have flirted with the idea of gratitude journaling and cultivating positive thoughts, Clare – in her signature ‘make it happen’ style – committed to the practice and actually followed through! She’s proceeded to record her ‘top five’ moments every day since (nine years and counting!) and now has over 10 000+ happy memories recorded.

As the benefits of her happiness habit started growing and expanding, Clare knew she needed to spread the word about the power each of us has in our own lives to cultivate positivity and joy. In 2012, she shared her message on the TEDx stage in front of 300 people, and amidst the rave reviews and overwhelming response, realised that she’d unwittingly founded a movement.

Drew Corby