Fab Mackojc - Unconventional Truth

Meet Fab Mackojc!

While doing a corporate internship during university Fab happened to read a book called The 4-Hour Workweek which completely changed his perspective on the world and made him realise that a life working 9-5 was by no means mandatory for future success and happiness. He chose to turn down the grad job offered to him and not do any more tertiary education after graduating, a move which surprised a lot of his friends and family.

He worked for a few tech startups before eventually deciding to go overseas and do an intensive programming course called Dev Bootcamp. After a few months learning web development Fab decided to move to San Francisco to work as a software engineer for Groupon. This job eventually gave him the opportunity to working remotely and travel the world. Even with all the great perks though Fab realised that life as a web developer wasn't one that suited his strengths and personality so he decided to move back home to Melbourne and focus on his own projects.

He is about to release an effective cure for jet lag called Jetmojo and is the host and creator of The Journey podcast where he interviews millennials with unconventional career paths.