Tom Zembruski - Learning From The Jungle

Tom Zembrzuski is a young Australian that was heading down a painful path of addiction and drug use until he self educated his way into a new mindset.

Through the influence of podcasts, he was able to discover Ayahuasca leading him on a transformational journey to Peru for his first ceremony. His life changed at this point, and he was able to reset his destination point, now serving his community to help everyone become more self aware and independent thinkers.

He started his Youtube Channel - Your Mate Tom  initaly focused on self development, but as he found his feet, he started talking more about his own transformative experience, growing to over 30,000 subscribers.

Our conversation covers the triggers and moments in Tom's life that lead him from a path of pain into one of giving and community growing, as well as his focus on the future of online content and influence.

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