Rohit Bhargava - Startup Playbook

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Meet Rohit, he helps launch, grow and fund startups.

Previously he was the Co-founder and CEO of "Crowd funding for fashion" platform StageLabel that helped launch over 150 fashion brands globally.

He now hosts the Startup Playbook Podcast, where he interviews successful founders, investors and subject matter experts on how they got started, the strategies they used to succeed and their advice to current and future entrepreneurs. The podcast hit number 3 on iTunes just 3 days after launching and has interviewed guests such as Paul Bassat (Founder of Seek & Square Peg Capital), Ash Maurya (Creator of The Lean Canvas and Author of Running Lean), Nathan Chan (Founder of Foundr Magazine) among many others!

He is also the Director of Playbook Studios a growth marketing agency that helps startups and businesses build traction and grow through content, branding and digital marketing.