Ian Dunlap - Trading For Life

I had a great chat to Ian about what it takes to transition from marketing to finance, learning on the job and making changes in all areas of his life.

So what does Ian do? He shows people how to make $1,000 per day from investing in the market. What he does is invest in the absolutely toughest portion of the stock market to get you 3-6% returns a month while the average investor will only get you around 0.25 - 1% a month. He took over 4,000 trades last year, won 76% of them and most investors do not even share what their win and loss record with you.

Ian is in the process of becoming a contributor for Forbes and Huffington Post, and will soon be given a commentary spot on CNN. He has a book in the works, which will soon be published. He hosts webinars, and online courses, teaching students how to make $1,000 a day from the stock & futures market.  

Find Ian at: