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Ophelie LeChat - Allowing Space to Create

Ophelie Lechat is Head of content for SitePoint. An online website helping working software developers to learn code.  

Originally starting life in the french speaking quarters of Canada, Ophelie's path began in publishing and journalism before crossing over into freelance writing. It was after this juncture point with a journey out to Australia that the local startup landscape was ultimately discovered and pointed Ophelie in the direction of her current role today.  

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Tim 'Milky' Clarke -

Tim (Milky) Clarke is a Proofreader at an advertising agency, prior this role he was in publishing, working for a music label in licensing and freelancing.

Milky is a great example of enjoying the work you do now and take advantage of opportunities as they come up, rather than pushing towards a flag on the hill. His measured and balanced approach to life is one we call take away from.

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