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Marika Lindholm - for Single Mums Everywhere

Dr. Marika Lindholm is the founder of ESME [Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere] a website and social platform, that aims to redefine single motherhood by providing resources, inspiration, and a point of connection for the underserved community of Solo Moms.

We talked all things, starting a business, her previous background in Sociology and what it takes to keep everything in balance.

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Amba Brown - Find Your Path

Amba Brown is an Australian author, who holds a degree in psychology & sociology, with Honours in Positive Psychology. She is 31 years old, from Sydney, Australia, and has also lived in Asia and America. Her previous experience includes Psychological Investigations and employment at The Australian High Commission in Singapore before working as a full time author. 

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Tim Mundy - Digital Affair

Tim is one of the world’s leading Employment Branding experts, having helped many of the national and global brands we know and love share their employment story with their candidate audiences.

An international speaker and thought leader Tim is ranked by LinkedIn as one of the 5 most influential people on their platform in APAC. He is the Founder of Digital Affair, the only consultancy officially endorsed and recommended by LinkedIn to provide expert advice on making the most out of the

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Myles Munro - Mr Burger

Myles has had an impressive learning curve starting his first bar in 2007, quickly getting in a tough position and spending several years with his core group of founders, digging themselves out. 

From here he founded Mr Burger,  a gourmet burger business started in November 2012, growing quickly, their trucks can be found around Melbourne, operating at street sites, functions and events.

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Josh Carrell - Speaking Freely

Josh Carell is Co-Founder of Littlefoot & Company, a community driven business aimed at connecting new artists with opportunities to grow their skills. Josh was once a shy guy in his mid-twenties, looking for something that would drive him, something that he can really get engaged with.

This episodes reflects on the last six – ten months, which has seen Josh make massive change in his life, with some key pivotal moments that we can all relate to and gain aspiration from.

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Adam Mawson - Superstar Producer

Adam Mawson is a Workforce Capacity Manager, ensuring that there are enough people for the work on demand, a profession he has come to after a long period of burning the candle at all ends, pursuing a career as a music producer. Adam is a hard working young Australian looking for meaningful work that aligns to what is trying to achieve in life.

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Ken Cooke - Mise En Place

Ken Cooke is a Capability Consultant at a big Australian corporation, where he has worked for over 17 years. Day to day he supports all the training needs for the function he supports, a positioned that he pursued for eight years. Prior to this he traveled the world working as a chef.

Ken has been a mentor and friend the past ten years, which makes this a great episode with two friends deconstructing key moments through conversation.

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Calantha Chan - Finding self to help others

Cal is a life coach who started studying commerce/law before helping her family set up a Nitro Gelato ice cream shop. After a period of reflection and discovery she has now found her passion and focus to help others and coach for success.

Cal has been asking many of the questions of herself that we all grapple with, and this is a great episode that anyone can listen, reflect and learn from.

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Jack The Bear - Mastering What Matters

Owner and founder of Jack the Bear’s Deluxe Mastering, Tony’s been lucky enough to have travelled extensively around the world, meeting and learning from some of the best in the business, and was trained in the art of vinyl mastering by Rick Essig at Frankford Wayne Mastering Labs, NYC. This was the same studio that that produced the likes of Tom Coyne and Herb Powers.

Tony was everything we hope for on Pathways, a mix of life, aspiration and truth that we can all relate to.

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Ryan Evans - Living In The Deep End

Ryan is a Senior Business Development Manager for a recruitment business, he has lived a varied work life starting in his early years looking for ways to enjoy snowboarding with a passive income through to being involved in a number of start up businesses.

Ryan moved to Melbourne as a way to challenge himself, and this is the theme of this episode, looking for ways to find growth through challenge.

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