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Josh Carrell - Speaking Freely

Josh Carell is Co-Founder of Littlefoot & Company, a community driven business aimed at connecting new artists with opportunities to grow their skills. Josh was once a shy guy in his mid-twenties, looking for something that would drive him, something that he can really get engaged with.

This episodes reflects on the last six – ten months, which has seen Josh make massive change in his life, with some key pivotal moments that we can all relate to and gain aspiration from.

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Sheree Rubinstein - Backing Female Entrepreneurship

Sheree is the CEO of One Roof Women, a co-working space dedicated to female entrepreneurs. She founded this passion for female quality, leaving a successful career in Corporate Law three years ago. This episode explores the chances Sheree took over the last three years to find a new way of thinking and approach to work. Her story includes; creating networking events, pop up co-working spaces and exploring her passion for creating equality for women in the workforce at Fitted For Work.

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