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Josh Carrell - Speaking Freely

Josh Carell is Co-Founder of Littlefoot & Company, a community driven business aimed at connecting new artists with opportunities to grow their skills. Josh was once a shy guy in his mid-twenties, looking for something that would drive him, something that he can really get engaged with.

This episodes reflects on the last six – ten months, which has seen Josh make massive change in his life, with some key pivotal moments that we can all relate to and gain aspiration from.

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Adam Mawson - Superstar Producer

Adam Mawson is a Workforce Capacity Manager, ensuring that there are enough people for the work on demand, a profession he has come to after a long period of burning the candle at all ends, pursuing a career as a music producer. Adam is a hard working young Australian looking for meaningful work that aligns to what is trying to achieve in life.

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Tim 'Milky' Clarke -

Tim (Milky) Clarke is a Proofreader at an advertising agency, prior this role he was in publishing, working for a music label in licensing and freelancing.

Milky is a great example of enjoying the work you do now and take advantage of opportunities as they come up, rather than pushing towards a flag on the hill. His measured and balanced approach to life is one we call take away from.

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Jack The Bear - Mastering What Matters

Owner and founder of Jack the Bear’s Deluxe Mastering, Tony’s been lucky enough to have travelled extensively around the world, meeting and learning from some of the best in the business, and was trained in the art of vinyl mastering by Rick Essig at Frankford Wayne Mastering Labs, NYC. This was the same studio that that produced the likes of Tom Coyne and Herb Powers.

Tony was everything we hope for on Pathways, a mix of life, aspiration and truth that we can all relate to.

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Nick Pietsch - Performance Focussed

Nick Pietsch is a professional brass player and vocalist, studying jazz performance at university in Adelaide Australia, before making the move to Melbourne. He has taken what you could call a traditional role, as a musician, within an industry that has seen dramatic change over the past 10 years.

Nick has some taken an interesting approach to growing his roster to the point of being able to work full time as a performer, something that is getting more and more difficult to do. We discuss studying, making a move interstate, what’s important to growing your network and getting work and the difference to playing for thousands to six.

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