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Amba Brown - Find Your Path

Amba Brown is an Australian author, who holds a degree in psychology & sociology, with Honours in Positive Psychology. She is 31 years old, from Sydney, Australia, and has also lived in Asia and America. Her previous experience includes Psychological Investigations and employment at The Australian High Commission in Singapore before working as a full time author. 

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Tim Mundy - Digital Affair

Tim is one of the world’s leading Employment Branding experts, having helped many of the national and global brands we know and love share their employment story with their candidate audiences.

An international speaker and thought leader Tim is ranked by LinkedIn as one of the 5 most influential people on their platform in APAC. He is the Founder of Digital Affair, the only consultancy officially endorsed and recommended by LinkedIn to provide expert advice on making the most out of the

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Rohit Bhargava - Startup Playbook

Meet Rohit, in short, he helps launch, grow and fund startups.

Previously he was the Co-founder and CEO of "Crowd funding for fashion" platform StageLabel that helped launch over 150 fashion brands globally.

He now hosts the Startup Playbook Podcast, where he interviews successful founders, investors and subject matter experts on how they got started, the strategies they used to succeed and their advice to current and future entrepreneurs.

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Fab Mackojc - Unconventional Truth

While doing a corporate internship during university Fab happened to read a book called The 4-Hour Workweek which completely changed his perspective on the world and made him realise that a life working 9-5 was by no means mandatory for future success and happiness. He chose to turn down the grad job offered to him and not do any more tertiary education after graduating, a move which surprised a lot of his friends and family.

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Antony Gaddie - Profitable Change

Antony Gaddie is the founder and CEO of Green Ant Marketing, a company with the purpose of “…helping their clients to grow their profits and their lifestyles, and facilitate profit as a force-for-good on Planet Earth.”.

Antony moved to Australia after it made a big impact on him at the age of 17, and since moving has worked in sales, marketing and business development roles in some of Australia’s biggest corporations. His pivotal moments represent someone with a true entrepreneurial spirit coupled with the values and drive to make the world and Australia a better place.

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Tamsien West - Ravenclaw for life

Tamsien as the Corporate Sustainability & Membership Lead at The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a non for profit that ensures we are producing products and services that are coming from sustainable forest practices. In addition to this Tamsien has a fast growing bookstagram profile – Babbling Books, combining her love of books with her knowledge of social media and marketing.

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Adam Mawson - Superstar Producer

Adam Mawson is a Workforce Capacity Manager, ensuring that there are enough people for the work on demand, a profession he has come to after a long period of burning the candle at all ends, pursuing a career as a music producer. Adam is a hard working young Australian looking for meaningful work that aligns to what is trying to achieve in life.

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Tim 'Milky' Clarke -

Tim (Milky) Clarke is a Proofreader at an advertising agency, prior this role he was in publishing, working for a music label in licensing and freelancing.

Milky is a great example of enjoying the work you do now and take advantage of opportunities as they come up, rather than pushing towards a flag on the hill. His measured and balanced approach to life is one we call take away from.

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Chris Appleford - Staying true to purpose

In today’s world, leaving a successful corporate career to travel the world may not seem that uncommon. Although, once we dig into Chris’s pivotal moments, we learn that these decisions have been made with responsibilities and uncertainty that many of us would accept as limiting.

There is something for everyone in this episode with moments we can all relate to and aspiration aplenty.

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Dave Atkins - Founding with Strength

Dave Atkins is an accountant by day, and runs STRNGTH.clubon nights and weekends. This may seem like a simple combination of work and passion, however, he came to this mix by first pursuing a career in medicine.

Dave has been searching for the right mix of passion, purpose and income, a story we can all relate to. He covers some really important themes that everyone can find aspiration from.

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