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Dr Jude Burke - The Adversity Advantage

In her upcoming new book, The Adversity Advantage: Turn Your Childhood Hardship into Career and Life Success, Jude Miller Burke, PhD, former Vice-President of Operations, Optum, at United Health Group, psychologist, and executive coach discusses how childhood trauma and adversity, in all forms ranging from abuse and neglect to poverty and violence, does not have to deter you from attaining personal happiness and career success. Rather, survival skills learned during childhood can be used to enhance and propel your career. 

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Amy Haywood - Teaching for tomorrow

Amy Haywood is an English teacher and educator of grades 11 and 12, and the interesting thing is that Amy never thought of teaching as occupation up until she was at university. She found teaching via Teach for Australia, an organisation that exposes leaders and teaches to the power of making change through education.

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Jack The Bear - Mastering What Matters

Owner and founder of Jack the Bear’s Deluxe Mastering, Tony’s been lucky enough to have travelled extensively around the world, meeting and learning from some of the best in the business, and was trained in the art of vinyl mastering by Rick Essig at Frankford Wayne Mastering Labs, NYC. This was the same studio that that produced the likes of Tom Coyne and Herb Powers.

Tony was everything we hope for on Pathways, a mix of life, aspiration and truth that we can all relate to.

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Nick Pietsch - Performance Focussed

Nick Pietsch is a professional brass player and vocalist, studying jazz performance at university in Adelaide Australia, before making the move to Melbourne. He has taken what you could call a traditional role, as a musician, within an industry that has seen dramatic change over the past 10 years.

Nick has some taken an interesting approach to growing his roster to the point of being able to work full time as a performer, something that is getting more and more difficult to do. We discuss studying, making a move interstate, what’s important to growing your network and getting work and the difference to playing for thousands to six.

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Summer Howarth - Influencing at Scale

Summer has a drive for and proven success in unleashing and spreading teacher led innovations, and has been an instrumental leader in Australia’s contribution to the OECD work on Student Engagement and Australia’s Teach Meet movement.

In her role as National Director of Learning for Education Change makers, Summer works with teachers, students and community leaders to solve our toughest education challenges, turning good schools into great ones.

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