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Anna Newberry - The Future Looks Driverless

Anna has been an automotive professional for 15 years with experience ranging from hybrids to driver assistance technologies such as adaptive cruise control and lane keeping aid. Having started her transport journey with a doctorate in an area which is now mostly defunct due to the shift in attention to autonomous vehicles, she knows how much things can change in a relatively short space of time.

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Tim Mundy - Digital Affair

Tim is one of the world’s leading Employment Branding experts, having helped many of the national and global brands we know and love share their employment story with their candidate audiences.

An international speaker and thought leader Tim is ranked by LinkedIn as one of the 5 most influential people on their platform in APAC. He is the Founder of Digital Affair, the only consultancy officially endorsed and recommended by LinkedIn to provide expert advice on making the most out of the

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Rohit Bhargava - Startup Playbook

Meet Rohit, in short, he helps launch, grow and fund startups.

Previously he was the Co-founder and CEO of "Crowd funding for fashion" platform StageLabel that helped launch over 150 fashion brands globally.

He now hosts the Startup Playbook Podcast, where he interviews successful founders, investors and subject matter experts on how they got started, the strategies they used to succeed and their advice to current and future entrepreneurs.

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Oli Du Rieu - Founding La Mule

Oli is someone who has found his passion and has a very strong dream to create an alternative to traditional methods of transport through the carpooling platform La Mule.

"The goal for La Mule is to become Australia's first network of transport linking every capital city and every major town on every day of the year through the sharing of everyday Australians personal transport, because life is better shared!"

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Chris Hoang - Enjoying the Fruits of Failing

Episode eight is all about Chris Hoang, a young entrepreneur working on his startup, in addition to working at his 9-5 job all at the same time.

Chris has been through a number of accelerator programs taking away some very important learning’s along the way, which he was kind enough to share. He has a great outlook on life, and is not afraid to fail and fail quickly to learn and grow.

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