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Anna Newberry - The Future Looks Driverless

Anna has been an automotive professional for 15 years with experience ranging from hybrids to driver assistance technologies such as adaptive cruise control and lane keeping aid. Having started her transport journey with a doctorate in an area which is now mostly defunct due to the shift in attention to autonomous vehicles, she knows how much things can change in a relatively short space of time.

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Myles Munro - Mr Burger

Myles has had an impressive learning curve starting his first bar in 2007, quickly getting in a tough position and spending several years with his core group of founders, digging themselves out. 

From here he founded Mr Burger,  a gourmet burger business started in November 2012, growing quickly, their trucks can be found around Melbourne, operating at street sites, functions and events.

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Rohit Bhargava - Startup Playbook

Meet Rohit, in short, he helps launch, grow and fund startups.

Previously he was the Co-founder and CEO of "Crowd funding for fashion" platform StageLabel that helped launch over 150 fashion brands globally.

He now hosts the Startup Playbook Podcast, where he interviews successful founders, investors and subject matter experts on how they got started, the strategies they used to succeed and their advice to current and future entrepreneurs.

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Fab Mackojc - Unconventional Truth

While doing a corporate internship during university Fab happened to read a book called The 4-Hour Workweek which completely changed his perspective on the world and made him realise that a life working 9-5 was by no means mandatory for future success and happiness. He chose to turn down the grad job offered to him and not do any more tertiary education after graduating, a move which surprised a lot of his friends and family.

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Ophelie LeChat - Allowing Space to Create

Ophelie Lechat is Head of content for SitePoint. An online website helping working software developers to learn code.  

Originally starting life in the french speaking quarters of Canada, Ophelie's path began in publishing and journalism before crossing over into freelance writing. It was after this juncture point with a journey out to Australia that the local startup landscape was ultimately discovered and pointed Ophelie in the direction of her current role today.  

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Tamsien West - Ravenclaw for life

Tamsien as the Corporate Sustainability & Membership Lead at The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a non for profit that ensures we are producing products and services that are coming from sustainable forest practices. In addition to this Tamsien has a fast growing bookstagram profile – Babbling Books, combining her love of books with her knowledge of social media and marketing.

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Ken Cooke - Mise En Place

Ken Cooke is a Capability Consultant at a big Australian corporation, where he has worked for over 17 years. Day to day he supports all the training needs for the function he supports, a positioned that he pursued for eight years. Prior to this he traveled the world working as a chef.

Ken has been a mentor and friend the past ten years, which makes this a great episode with two friends deconstructing key moments through conversation.

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